Key activities


We guide companies through the topic of ESG, from obtaining the necessary inputs, through defining material topics, goals, and defining ESG strategies, to the final creation of ESG reporting. We help companies fulfill legislative obligations related to ESG reporting and open up opportunities for further development and establishing business partnerships.

“Companies often start with ESG backwards. They focus on reporting but underestimate the phase of selecting topics according to materiality and sustainability strategy. Therefore, within ESG, we address materiality in detail with clients, prioritize action steps, and set appropriate KPIs.”

Laura Mitroliosová

Laura Mitroliosová | CEO

Circular academy

We have established a comprehensive educational center in the Czech Republic that offers educational activities on topics related to the circular economy, ESG and sustainability. Our vision is to build an expert center where key managers and employees can learn about the broader connotations of circular economy and gain deeper knowledge that will enable them to further develop the topic in corporate practice.

“An important element of the academy is networking, i.e., the opportunity to meet like-minded people and connect existing solutions. Our graduates positively evaluate that we delve deep into the topics and demonstrate the functioning of circularity in practice.”

Dagmar Milerová Prášková

Dagmar Milerová Prášková | manažerka akademie


We teach companies how to avoid greenwashing. We advise them on how to communicate transparently and set up communication campaigns so that they have a real impact on sustainability. We also research this topic with the Charles University in Prague so that we have a comprehensive view of greenwashing in the Czech market.

“Companies generally have good intentions with their sustainability activities. However, in their enthusiasm, they often come up with ideas that have only a minor or short-term impact. That's why we guide companies towards a strategic approach and assessing real impacts.”

Ivana Hekerle

Ivana Hekerle | ředitelka oddělení komunikace

Podcast LOOPA

ESG, climate change, circular economy, digitalization, greenwashing, education. How is the Czech business, as well as society itself, performing in these areas? These and many more questions are asked by the LOOPA host Vojta Koval, a seasoned journalist with extensive experience from Czech Radio (Český rozhlas). The LOOPA podcast is created in collaboration with CIRA Advisory and has released more than 60 episodes.

“Podcasts are more popular than ever before. Audio content is highly effective in conveying information. That's why we record interviews with companies and projects that are advancing sustainability.”

Vojta Koval

Vojta Koval | moderátor podcastu

Areas we focus on

Industry, manufacturing, and technology

We bring sustainability and the circular economy to Czech companies Waste management / Material use / Circular business models / Analysis of the production and company status in accordance with ESG / ESG strategy and reporting / Risks and opportunities related to ESG / Economic and environmental view of production / Setting up business plans, processes, and products

Communication, media, and event agencies

We teach companies how to communicate sustainability without greenwashing External consulting and outsourcing on sustainability topics / Consultations on greenwashing / Validation of steps for event managers

Non-manufacturing businesses, services, trade, and it

We bring sustainability and the circular economy to Czech companies Setting sustainability in non-manufacturing businesses / Circular business models / Analysis of the company's status in accordance with ESG / ESG strategy and reporting / Risks and opportunities related to ESG / Setting up business plans, processes, and products / Circular offices / Circular procurement and contracting

Education in companies and customized trainee programs

We spread awareness and train teams on sustainability and the circular economy Internal communication campaigns / Customized workshops and seminars / Roundtables and stakeholder dialogues / Circular academy / Trainee programs

Social enterprises and urban organizations

We are changing society through beneficial initiatives and projects Business model consultations / Communication strategies